Why and how to travel to beautiful Iceland

Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world, according to the “Global Peace Index.” With a few people living there, Iceland is a great place to travel in a full adventurous mode. When there are only a few living there ( 300,000 ), it is like everyone knows each other. The lovely thing about Iceland is that it is an almost crime-free country, especially Reykjavik ( completely crime-free ). There are many other tourist attractions, like winter activities and places that give you winter vibes.

You can visit with your friends and family, but at least once in a lifetime, you should try to travel to Iceland solo. A country with stunning beauty, endless adventure, welcoming people, and beautiful nature should be experienced solo. And do you know that Iceland is one of the best places for solo trips?

1. The reason: why travel to Iceland solo?

In bars and restaurants in Iceland tipping is not excepted mostly.

Iceland is not the perfect destination in Europe but also the worldwide travelers when it comes to solo travel, then Iceland is possibly at the top of their bucket list. Because Iceland is such a safe country to travel to, also it has a lot of adventure for its tourists. The next benefit is that getting a visa to Iceland online or via agencies is easy. The outdoor activities of Iceland are so adventurous.

You will see a house hundreds of miles away while passing through the clutter of trees, and throughout your trip, you will see the remarkable beauty of nature. Waterfalls and glaciers are the best part of this tour. You will meet amicable people that you will love and hospitable people you can find in some parts of the world.

2. Places you should visit

It will be your choice, or maybe the group of tourists you are traveling with, which parts of the country you will explore. There are so many different places to visit in Iceland that can not be covered in this article.


The capital of Iceland is the priority of almost every visitor here( but it is pretty expensive than other cities ). If you have a little time, explore this city walking and focus on the main attractions, as this is not large. Hallgrimskirja is a modern church and the most iconic building where you can get a beautiful view of Reykjavik. You can try a whale-watching spot; it doesn’t matter which month you visit as it happens year-round.

Blue Lagoon:

The city is full of hot spring waters where temperatures rise to normal ( 37-39 degrees Celcius ). These spring baths and their natural mud are beneficial for the body. Give it a try to the spa here as well.

Northern Lights:

It is also the most popular attraction of Iceland; the aurora borealis, or Northern Light, is a flow of ions radiating from the Sun. Most hotels announce the visitors when there are chances for this event, as this happens for a short time.

There are a lot of other places and attractions in Iceland you can consider for this tour.

3. Important Tips for traveling in Iceland

Group travel

Most travelers travel to Iceland solo, but if you are not ready for this, you can simply join a group; especially if you are on your first solo trip, this is most recommended. Contact travel agencies; that is the most authentic way.


If you want to explore glaciers, Skaftafell Glacier Walk is a brief walk and is also the largest glacier in Europe. Try ice caves that can be sprinkled across the country due to the ever-changing glacier terrain.


For a solo traveler, if budget is not the issue, then drive a car which is a more effortless and great option as well. But you can take the bus where you don’t need to drive actively.


Locals are so welcoming, so you also need to approach them and seek guidance from them as you are on a solo trip, and most of the time, you will get a person speaking good English. No need to hesitate to ask for help from locals when you need it.

Best things to do

Hike in Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve, visit the Skaftafell Ice cave in Vatnajökull National Park, reach the top of Hallgrímskirkja for the 360 views of Reykjavik, and must bath in the blue lagoon.

4. Iceland for solo female

Don’t you know Iceland is safe to travel to? For Iceland, visitor safety is the primary concern for solo travelers, especially women. When it comes to solo female travel, certain countries are certain countries better than others. Even if a woman has never traveled solo before, this is where she can start, where she will have no fear of harassment, low crime rates, and stellar gender equality. Sexual harassment, common in many countries worldwide, will not happen to a female.

5. How much will it cost?

When you are getting too many adventures and a pretty safe environment, you also have to pay a decent amount of money. As you know, the currency of Iceland is Króna (ISK), but the good news is that it is an almost cashless country, so you can use your credit card even for small purchases. It is an expensive country, but you can make your trip on less budget by buying local food. For sure, you can visit on a mid-range budget as a solo travel to Iceland as well.

Accommodations here are not cheap, but you can make it if you move with open eyes, like making a cheaper flight after comparing different websites and considering self-catering accommodations. Choose a hotel with a good deal, including breakfast as well. There are no metros, and public transportation is not too popular, most of the visitors rent a car, which is the cheaper and better option here as well.

Traveling solo is the best way to learn and know about yourself. Have you loved my article? Have you any queries? Let me know in the comment section.
Thanks for reading the complete article!

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