What is good and bad of Nomadic lifestyle- let’s explain

Have you listened to about nomadic life before? Nomadic life is totally different from the normal lifestyle, well the second name should be traveling and just traveling. Nomads are people who travel from one part of their country to another or different countries. Mostly they follow a pattern to travel so they can experience everything.

Might be some of you reading about this lifestyle for the first time. Just make sure you know about the nomadic lifestyle to get information and enjoy this article. In this article, I will be covering the good and bad of the nomadic lifestyle.


What is good about this lifestyle? How will you prove your point? First, we will see the positive part of the discussion. Some of the best points about this lifestyle are given below.

Freedom in this Lifestyle

The first positive point of living a nomadic lifestyle is complete freedom or independence, and who deny freedom over anything. Being a nomad you will feel the complete world is your home and you are the master of this house( under the real owner God ). You need no worries about someone else, you just need to focus on yourself and your priorities and this is real freedom( freedom from overthinking ).

This is not expensive

This may sound interesting that I’m saying that this lifestyle is more inexpensive than a normal one, in actuality this is more affordable than living in the same place for years. This is applicable only if you are managing your budget properly, travel cheaper countries, and staying in affordable hotels, also you can try a van life ( if you are traveling in the US especially), a very common lifestyle nowadays.

It builds Character

Living a nomadic lifestyle you face many challenges, challenges you are not familiar with if you are living a busy work life. Traveling helps you to come out of your comfort zone, and meet new people of different behaviors. Dealing with different cultures encourages you to think on your feet, how to resolve issues, and stay calm. This helps you in building a strong character and confidence, important factors in every type of lifestyle.

It brings Happiness

To be very honest don’t you want to be happy in life? Yes, of course, everyone does. Life is not perfect but short, now it is upon you how you deal with it. Do you want a happy life? How’s this possible? Well living a lifestyle that you have ever imagined or want can make you happy.

You will have something new to learn

The best part is that you have a lot of things to experience and deal with, living a nomadic lifestyle. Each place is different from the previous one and the next one, so you have a bright chance to explore and learn different things, like languages, and cooking, and also know more about wildlife if you are interested.


Every picture has two sides, we have seen the positive side of the nomadic lifestyle now let’s discuss the negative one.

Far from friends and family

The darkest part of this story is that you are far from your family and friends, living a lifestyle in which you are very close to your family and suddenly having no one around you will shock you. During your trip to different places, you meet a lot of faces but you always want someone to see you have not seen in a while. The good part in the dark is that you can visit your family by making regular trips back home.


Living a normal life means you have sorted out all the things, like a proper work setup, and are very familiar with your surroundings. But a nomadic lifestyle is very uncertain, with bad living rooms/hotels, different setups every time also the internet problem, and a fear of people living around you. You need to learn quickly otherwise you will face anxiety and disappointment every day living this lifestyle.

Health issues

It is obvious that you are living a life that is uncertain and you don’t have a regular timetable. Depression, anxiety, and weight gain are some serious health issues you might suffer from. Change in environment, water, and food is the main reason behind health-related issues. You need to focus on your fitness, don’t go lazy. You can try some fitness apps which will help you.

Financial issues

Image by stefamerpik on Freepik

If you are living a nomadic lifestyle, most probably you are doing work from home job but if you are not then you are in great trouble. Also, there are many challenges in a remote job as well. Your income will not be stable and you might get caught in a financial crisis. To overcome this issue you should be working every single day like in normal and different jobs.

Can’t build communities

A nomad doesn’t stay in a single place for too long means that you will build communities, as people are not coming with you. It is you who is moving from one place to another. This will increase the sense of loneliness in you. But being a digital nomad you can join online communities and can overcome this problem somehow.

Final thoughts:

Choosing a lifestyle is your own decision, but I want to add something that being a digital nomad is perfectly fine only if you have no problem with the bads of this lifestyle. You must have the courage to live without your family to enjoy every second of your journey( a journey to find yourself).

Hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. If you love it share it with your friends. If you have any experience or query ask comment down, leave a positive comment to encourage my work.

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