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Top 9 countries to visit in Africa for Safari

Top 9 countries to visit in Africa for Safari

Why you should visit Africa? The very first question that will come into your mind. It is no wonder that African countries are poor and some areas are so ancient. But if you have to see the world’s best safari and huge wildlife you should try Africa at least once. Here are the top 9 countries to visit in Africa. We will discuss the famous things about the specific country, some best places and at the end, I will give you some important tips that you should keep in mind while you visit that specific country.

South Africa

Photo by Tobias Reich on Unsplash

South Africa is a diverse place that is best for almost every type of traveler because of its diversity. Here you will see large deserts, thick forests, and appealing waterfalls. Along with that South Africa has big cities and fascinating cape towns. No wonder the wildlife is amazing there. Wildlife lovers come there every year especially to see the “Big Five” (lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino, and elephant).
Separated from the rest of the continent by mountains, Cape town is one of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes. Kruger National Park and Kalahari desert are the best spots to experience wildlife. Now if you want to see the waterfall, then which is best than Tugela falls which is 948m above the ground?

Tips: Be careful of scammers which are everywhere, try to shop locally, and avoid driving alone, especially at night.


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With the best nightlife, Morocco is one of the enduring destinations all over the world. Western visitors mostly give it a priority, because it is a safe and peaceful country. The beautiful culture of Arabs and Berbers is more exciting and remarkable. Newly weed couples also visit Morocco to enjoy their honeymoon in such a breathtaking and romantic place. This is one of the safest countries to travel to in Africa.
Morocco’s spiritual heart Fez which was also the ex-capital is full of traditional culture. Agadir is known for its stunning beaches. Now the Chefchaouen(the blue city) which is located in the Rif mountains gives individual vibes.

Tips: As this is a Muslim country and if you are a non-muslim, never disrespect Islam because the laws are very strict there. Travel locally as trains are much cheaper and more comfortable.


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Tanzania is best known for its wide wilderness areas and best wildlife spots. You will also get to see the “Big Five” (lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino, and elephant) in a safari mecca. And if you are a foodie it will also be a great place for you. As it is a mixture of different cultures it will give you a glorious cuisine that you will struggle to find anywhere else.

Arusha is known as the safari capital of Tanzania, a bustling city filled with markets, chaotic traffic, old iconic buildings, and modern conveniences. After that Serengeti National Park is the best site for safari and exploring the wildlife. Now if you want to enjoy a sunny day at the seaside, go to the Zanzibar beaches.

Tips: Some cities are clean and modern but the water quality is bad so avoid drinking tap water. Never compromise on the safety of yourself and your luggage as well.


Uganda is famous for the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains and the mountain Gorillas which are mostly found there, and also they are huge in amount. It is also known as the “Pearl of Africa“. People are very welcoming and humble, you will feel blessed there. The culture is very diverse because more than 50 languages are spoken there and people are from different origins which is a great chance to explore different cultures.

Most of the part of Queen Elizabeth National Park is open for tourists which is the most reliable park for lions, but also you can explore other wildlife as well. Entebbe town and Kampala city are the urban centers of skyscrapers and modern art. Lake Mburo is the only place to see giant bush rats.

Tips: Like other countries, Uganda has also a water issue so avoid tap water. Mostly transport is on cars and a little expensive.


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Namibia is a country with an extreme landscape and is partially rocky and partially dunes. It is divided into three main topographic zones which are the coastal Namib desert, the central Plateau, and Kalahari. Although the country is rapidly urbanizing, people still live in rural areas, and a very small number of people live there. If you dislike crowdy places this will be the best destination for you. Now, what about wildlife? One of the best wildlife with a large number of roaming cheetahs (~2500-3000).

Epupa falls is a large waterfall series with the greatest single drop at 37 meters in height. Lay down there and listen to the noise of water to refresh your mind. Skelton coast and Etosha national park are the finest spots for wildlife. Fish River Canyon is the largest on the continent and the greatest geological wonder as well as the second most visited tourist attraction.

Tips: As the population is very little, transportation is mostly by cars and too expensive. The best advice is that don’t stop for every local because they will try to flag you down and ask for food and money. If you stop for everyone you will not reach your destination on time.


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Hopefully, you know about the Pyramids, the great wonder still standing for more than 4000 years. It is a fantastic achievement of the Past but if we talk about Egypt this is not all about the Pyramids there are many other things to explore in this country. It has the most ancient civilization in the world. The desert landscape is also fascinating and has stunning beaches as well.

The special and foremost thing to experience first is the Pyramids of Giza. There are a total of 118 identified pyramids and the Pyramid of Giza is the largest one (height=146.6m). Cruising the Nile is an iconic experience in Egypt, around 95% of the population is living on the bank of the Nile. Egyptian museum is a great reflection of their civilization. White desert should also be visited in this visit.

Tips: Must hire a tourist guide for the best experience and know everything. Be careful what you admire at tourist places and keep yourself away from scammers. Now if you are from the west must keep tissue paper with you.


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Botswana is a landlocked country mostly covered by the Kalahari desert(~ 70% ). After that from the remaining land, the government has specified some land (~38%) for the national parks. It means that it has the best wildlife and wilderness. The people are less and more humble, and if you don’t feel comfortable in crowdy areas this should be your priority.

As the country is mostly covered by the Kalahari desert, this must be your prime concern, or at least you need to add it to your visiting list. For wildlife experience, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park will be the best option to consider. A vast inland river delta, Okavango Delta is becoming a lush animal habitat.

Tips: There is a great risk of Malaria so be protected at night especially. Avoid drinking tap water, and protect your feet while visiting the desert for the reason that there is a huge number of snakes are found there.


Zambia is a country with diverse wildlife and a vast unspoiled landscape, with many parks and safari areas. There are more than 72 ethnic groups with almost 30 languages spoken in the country. This means that diversity does not only belong to animals but also to humans. It will be a great experience and exposure. It is also familiar with its biggest waterfalls as well.

Starting from the waterfalls Victoria is the top falls in the country (108m in height). Lusaka the capital of Zambia is the reflection of contemporary art. To know the tradition and the history Copperbelt museum is the destination. To witness the wildlife turn to the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Tips: As it is a hot place, keep a pair of comfortable shoes and a hat with you. But if you are visiting in the rainy season you can carry a raincoat. It is a suggestion that if the budget is not an issue must experience rafting which is a little expensive there.


Tunisia can be the best destination for you if you are finding the luxuries which can easily be found and the best thing is that it is not as high if you compare with other countries with the same luxuries. The golden beaches and sunny weather are more enjoyable than anything else. It has also some historic attractions and the Islamic culture is worth seeing.

Medina is the capital of Tunisia and has 700 monuments including mosques and madrasas as well. With cobbled streets and blue& white buildings, Sidi Bou Said is a charming town and a marina sits beside a sandy beach. For sandy beaches and sea views, Kantaoui Bay is the right option.
Tips: Ask the taxi driver for a fair fist at the airport to avoid scams. Female travelers, must choose accommodations carefully and avoid the hotel or rooms where all men are living.

The best wildlife, waterfalls, and deserts all are available in Africa. Not only that many countries are now modern and luxurious as well like Asia

Hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment and ask me any queries related to this. Your 1 positive response can make my day. And also share with your friends and family if you love it.



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