Necessities for the first international traveler

Before leaving, ensure you have prepared for your trip properly. Have you dreamed of traveling on a long trip? Traveling outside the country and far from home is always an excellent option to explore something new, and if you are traveling for the first time, it would be a different experience. Traveling has always been challenging, especially if you are traveling for the first no matter whether you are solo or not, you might face some challenges. To decrease the risk, you should follow some tips; some of the most important are discussed below.

Password & Sim-card

If you have already applied for the visa, you are probably aware that you need to store your visa and passport in advance of your departure. Applying for a visa is then successfully granted and delivered to you; this process can take some time to apply, at least a month before your departure, to avoid all these problems. Also, keep some copies of that for just safety. If you are traveling for the first time, remember that you need a sim card for every country, and try to get that before leaving the airport. Because you might not find Wi-Fi in some places, you can also choose a hotel with free Wi-Fi.

You must be familiar with the destination before

Understanding the place you will visit for the first time or even if you will live for a long time is a must factor. When planning an international trip for the first time, you should carefully research that place. What are the norms and traditions of that place? Which language is vastly spoken in that place? Even if you can learn some basics, that would be an excellent benefit for you(You can also use google Translate). What are the best places you can explore? Which activities can you perform while traveling to that place? You can hire a trip advisor if you want.

Importance of money

Which currency is used in that specified country? You must be aware of the exchange rate of the money in your currency. Otherwise, you might get scammed as it is your first time. Before entering the plane, you must have cash for the country you are visiting, and you will use it to hire a taxi, or you can purchase a sim card with that cash. Always take a credit or debit card to use for shopping and to pay bills instead of carrying a lot of money in your pocket(be wise).

Travel during the off-season

Some countries are visited during summer, some during winter, some during autumn, and some during spring. Research the country in which season the tourists visit, especially those destinations which are on your bucket list. If you want to enjoy the crowd you see at that time, but if you wish to total exposure to the place, then off-season is recommended.

Packing list

Your packing list should be precise, don’t carry extra stuff, which is only increasing the weight, but you can’t miss the important element that is useable in an emergency. Also, add a waterproof bag and an umbrella( personally recommended). Some of the most important ones are given below.

You are on a long trip, so there is a possibility that you might get sick, and as there is a rare chance that you find a pharmacy, so it’s essential if you feel like vomiting like me on a long trip, then you should not miss that medicine.

Of course, you are taking clothes with you but add different types of pants/trousers and shirts( warm and cool) as you might need according to the season. But most preferable are synthetic fiber clothes as they dry quickly and are also lighter in weight.

-Random things
Bring some extra material like a power bank because most of the time battery dies, and you find yourself helpless. Toilet paper( if you are western and visiting especially Asia), duct tape, water filter( if needed according to destination), earpods, and some extra stuff that you think can be useful.

Interaction with locals

Photo by Majkl Velner on Unsplash

Interacting with locals is a good decision if you have the plan to know the culture, beauty, and traditions of the country you are visiting for the first time. Even you can get more information like which areas are safer, some hidden gems of the city, and where you can get cheaper food. You can start with your fellow passengers and give something back, at least a smile.

Take care of yourself

You are far from, and no one will take care of you; there will be only you who will take care of yourself, and that’s why traveling is essential as it helps you get out of your comfort zone. It might not be calming for you if you travel for the first time. Nothing worse than getting sick while on your trip, especially for the first time; it can be a nightmare. So don’t compromise your health; eat healthy food, drink pure water, and do some exercise daily.

Traveling with friends

Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

If you are a first-time traveler, try to travel with your friends as it gives you hope and makes you feel more comfortable. Friends are an important part of our life, and we enjoy their company, so this first time can also be the best if ideally used. Also, meet with your family before leaving and keep in contact with them so you will not get bored.
I hope you would love these tips for the first-time traveler, but if you have done some travels before, try to make your tips, and it will be easier for you. Share your experience and ask any queries.


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