How to shoot while traveling like professional

Capturing this beautiful world is no less than admiring the beauty of the creator. So you have finally shortlisted the destinations you are going to explore and now you must want to shoot and capture all these moments. Maybe you are already doing this for a long time, it might seem easy, but it is not as easy in reality. There are some important things that you should keep in mind while shooting. These are not only according to me, but it also recommended by the pros as well. Some of the important tips for shooting like a professional are given below:

1. Get creative and unique

If you want to be professional or something like that, then you need to be unique and creative. We all know that every single person with a camera can take photos then what is the difference between a pro and a beginner? The difference lies there that a beginner just shoots what he sees and copies the pattern of others. What you need to do is just be unique from others and be creative. Your every picture must have been a story in itself, that’s how you will become a pro.

2. Capture feelings

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

A creative photographer just doesn’t only capture the moments, he/she captures the feeling in them and that’s a good practice to be unique in the market. No matter if you are just shooting for yourself to make good memories and want to feel happy in the future remembering the beautiful past that you spent exploring this world. Imagine you are seeing a photo of yours and that is a beautiful picture with a story and feelings in it, how beautiful the moment would be and you must admire yourself at that time.

3. Landscapes

Landscapes are the best and foremost priority of almost every photography. It is the best way to judge the beauty of any country or place. You can also include the depth of field and utilize the street scenes. The key to landscape photography is controlling the depth of the field. But the aperture can slow the speed of the shutter if you increase it, so also learn to use low light. Choose the best place to take a shot and use a tripod if you need, also choose the golden time to shoot.

4. Actions

Photo by Scott Ymker on Unsplash

After taking the shoots of the landscape now it is the turn for some action. Like taking photos of a moving train, flying birds, animals in the field, a crowd in the bustling city, moving water, and maybe moving insects or something like that. Action photography is all about shooting motions. Especially for such kind of photography, you need to check for some camera settings( camera settings are an important part of shooting but in this case, these are a must)like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. For closer shots, you can use a flashlight to create a dramatic photo.

5. Capture locals

Capturing locals is also the best way to represent the culture of a specific part of the world. They are the stories of these lands and these beautiful faces are worth seeing. If you are looking at the landscapes of a country, its locals also have a place in photography. Now, how can we do that? Simple, go talk to them gently and get their permission and that’s it. The smile on their faces also tells your importance to them as a tourist. In the return, you can give a small as you can is smile and some admiring words, and it will leave a positive impact as well.

As we were talking about the photos or scenes you need to shoot. Now, what are some important basic settings and things to keep in mind while shooting? Some of the most important are discussed below.

6. Be Aware of the Sun/ lightening

Lightening is the most important factor for better photography, you might listen from most people. Well, this is not in the sense that the best light is in the mid of the day around 12-1 pm, but actually, this is the worst time. The best time to shoot photos is closer to sunset/sunrise when the light is soft(also known as “Golden Hour”). For a person’s photography, you can use artificial light but for the landscape, you need sunlight, so beware of the time also if you use natural light for personal shoots the result will be better.

7. Use Shade

Talking about the light, for the best shots sun must be behind the camera but if it is behind the subject it will not properly be lit the subject and you will end up with a darker one. Using shades your face will be even smoother and you will get a balanced photo. Make sure that you use the light properly and are aware of that how much your subject will be darker for better results.

8. Composition and Framing

Photo by Federico Bottos on Unsplash

The composition can be a key point for the best photo between the competitors. This is for landscapes also this is helpful in street photography. This is you divide a picture into 9 squares and this is a mathematical idea of what your eyes find pleasant. Rotate your eyes around the frame and make sure you are not cutting something important in the picture. So framing is also an important factor in the shooting.

9. Learn exposure and aperture

This might seems like something extra pro for some people, but you can learn it in very less time and this is going to help you for the best and dreamed shoots. You need to capture light, the best amount for a specific picture which makes it perfect. The exposure triangle has 3 elements ( aperture, ISO, and shutter). The combination of all these is very crucial for a beautiful image.

10. Main factor Editing

You have taken a perfect shot and now it is time for some editing. Even some people call editing “cheating”, but in actuality, it is not. It is just to add some more details which are missing to be better. 99% of the travel photos you are edited to some extent and all the professionals recommend editing. Adobe Lightroom is the most recommended tool for editing travel shoots.

Shooting with phone

In this case, if you do not have a good camera and you don’t have too much money to spend for buying a camera. Well, this is ok for some time ( but you should buy a camera afterward to be professional). With the latest phone, you can get better results as well and you can use a tripod and mobile holder for stability.

Final Advice:

The final advice would be just to pick a camera and start practicing ( Practice makes a man perfect). Keep in mind these instructions also you should learn more about photography. It can be your source of income if you are a nomad.

Hope you learned something and it will help you. If you like my little effort and ultimately this helped you leave a positive comment, you can share your experience or tip. This will be a great pleasure for me. Also, share with your friends.

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