How to earn money, especially for travelers

Many of us want to quit the 9 to 5 job and want to have fun in life. But before leaving the job and exploring the world, you must have a lot of money in your bank account or at least plan to fulfill all the bills and expenditures of traveling. If you don’t, you are probably searching for jobs that pay for traveling or employment where you can work remotely while exploring different parts of the world without the difficulty of making money. You can also do these jobs if you want to; these jobs are mainly for those who wish to work while traveling and to make money.

1. Blogging/ Vlogging

Blogging(my personal favorite) can be an obvious choice and has long-term benefits. Quick disclaimer! It is not an easy and fast way of earning, but it can be the best choice for making at that point when you got a decent following. You might think that you can only write about travel, but you can try different topics in which you are interested, as I write about travel but also got a touch of some points.
Likewise, vlogging can be the better option if you love videography and know how to represent things in your videos.

2. Photography

Most people take it as a hobby, but they are not usually in because money is the main factor you can earn with these photos. There are different ways of making money with photography. You can start a photography blog or a youtube channel, do photography for magazines and newspapers, a wedding/ birthday shoot, sell photos on shocks, and if you are good enough at this skill, you can also teach people; these are some of the pitches to make money with photography.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing can be a quicker and easier way to earn while working remotely. You have a creative spirit in you; you don’t think so? Explore yourself and show the world your natural and hidden talent. Not only for money but also this is the best choice you can pick as a career as you will be performing your hobby but in a professional way. There are many niches to choose from; choose one and sell your skill for money on as many platforms as you want. Also, you can work at any time, anywhere.

4. Teach English

English or whatever skill in which you are good enough and able to deliver to your student, then you must try that. This is also your practice in a particular skill, and this will help you to master that. Education will be entirely online in the future, and we have already seen this after the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many academies with different requirements, and many of them prefer a person with English as his first language but not all of them. To make money, you also have the option of teaching as a freelancer, which you can get on most freelancing websites.

5. Work in a hotel

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Let’s say you are staying at a hotel and also got a part-time job. Isn’t it an excellent option to make money? There are many options like receptionist, housekeeping, room service, hotel manager, and many more. You need to see the requirements for the particular field, and most of the time, you can get quickly hired as the hotel industry is one of them that always needs staff. In some hotels, there is an option to work in exchange for a free bed and food; that’s a pretty nice deal. You are not getting paid, but at least you are also not spending.

6. Flight Attendant

Most of you are well known about this field, hopefully. This can be an ideal job where you travel and make money parallelly without leaving home, as you go by plane stay there and return your home as well. Cabin crew is one of the best jobs, which involves traveling and money, as you are getting paid for the flight you are attending, and you can learn different languages as well. There are many other benefits that you will be getting, like up to 90% discounted flights and cheaper hotels that will save you money.

7. Tour Guide

Work as a tour guide! As you will be getting paid as much as you travel. You can work as a local tour guide mostly, but if you are living in a place for a long time and are well known, then you can apply to different travel agencies which arrange tours for travelers; you can also promote yourself as a local tour guide on the internet. There is always a high demand for tour guides during the season, but most of the time, travelers higher a tour guide to avoid all the local scams and to explore the place properly. You will be visiting different sites and getting money as well.

8. Street Performer

Disclaimer! First, check the laws and regulations of the specific area that this is even legal or not.
This is not like a real job, but if you have a talent or something which can attract people. Like if you can sing a song, play guitar or any other instrument, dance, juggle, or you can perform with your body_just, give it a try a let’s see if it works. The purpose is to make people smile and be happy; this will be your source of money. If you are at the right place, then most probably you can get make good money.

9. Modeling

Photo by Mohamad Khosravi on Unsplash

If you are enough confident and good-looking, then you can get paid by modeling. It is time to use your gorgeous face and body to make money. Are you aware that in almost every part of the world, modeling is the most demanding and high-paying job? Even you need to work for some hours. You should use social media as well and find an agency or photographer, or makeup artist who is looking for a model to shoot. Use your God gitted body and make some money.

10. Influencer

Image by DCStudio on Freepik

I hope all of us are using social media all the time, and also, you must have seen some influencers who are promoting something on their social handles. They actually get paid for this as they got a pretty nice audience. What do you need to do? Well, this is not the quickest way, but you can get a decent amount of money for that. You can use any social media account like Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, a blog, or any other social media account; make sure you have an audience in large numbers.

There are many other ways to make money as well that you can give a try as well. If you experience any of the above fields, let us know in the comments if you like this article with your friend, and leave a comment to encourage me.

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