Best things to do on the Mount Everest

If you are an adventurous person and looking for the best experience then give it a try to Everest. Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world till now, is also the most visited place in Nepal from around the globe. Before visiting you must be aware of the place, the environment, and things to do outside. So, what are the best things to do on your Mount Everest visit? What should be the estimated cost for this trip including things to do?

1. Trekking And Hiking

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The best and number 1 tracking route in the world is the track to EBC ( Everest Base Camp ) which will give you the best experience if you even got a little taste of trekking and hiking. The scenery and the culture of the locals will amuse you so much. Not only Everest but also there are many treks in Nepal with totally different experiences and majestic views.

How much time it will take to reach EBC(Everest Base Camp)?

If you are not too much in rush and moving slowly, enjoy the trek and its surrounding. Then you can reach there in 9-10 days, but if you choose a different route ( the Northeast Ridge) then include 5-6 days, in this route you can visit the famous valley Gokyo.

2. Climbing Mountains

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Digging a flag and have a selfie on top of the world is the dream of most people out there( which some people have achieved yet ). Some use the term ” Conquerer the Everest”, also there are many other peaks but the highest one has its worth.

Climbing Everest is not as easy as it seems to be, submitting Everest is the biggest achievement for mountaineers. Most of the time every person climbs in groups and always keeps safety and useful equipment for hiking.

Some essentials for climbing

  • Ice Axe
  • Belay Device
  • Trekking poles
  • Ski goggles
  • Face mask
  • Climbing helmet
  • Crampons
  • And many other items

3. Camping

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The most common and necessary thing to do on the track to Everest is camping, or I can say you have to do it willingly or unwillingly because there are no hotels for you on the trek. You have to take a rest for sure and also during camping, you can stay and enjoy the scenery of the surroundings to freshen your mind.

There are many peaks far from the crowd and technology where you can camp and have some beautiful moments, but it will be more interesting and the best moments if you are camping with your beloved ones. Spending some days out there in a valley is the best way to explore the mountains of mount Everest.

4. Skiing

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Reached the top of the hill of mount Everest, then why not ski? If you have reached there after a lot of struggle, then don’t you want to have some magic moments on the lap of the height mountain in the world? To experience this you have to trek for 9-10 days around the valley of Everest.

Skiing on the world’s highest peaks has its own worth, but it is not as popular as in the Western countries because this land has 8 highest tops in the world. It can be the best country for recreational activities by improving its skiing which will attract more tourists from around the globe.

5. Heli-Skiing

Do you have enough money in your bank account and you are a very adventurous person? Then must try heli-skiing, it will be the thrilling part of the trip and more adventurous than normal skiing. In this, you reach the peak with the help of a helicopter and slide down from the hill.

For sure it is expensive, but the experience of jumping at the top and gliding down is worth the money. It can be dangerous, just make sure to follow the safety precautions.

6. Yak Safaris

Himalaya is the home for most of the yaks, and in Nepal, you will see this is still the main source of transportation in mountains. After tourism, the source of income for the people living in these mountains is yak safari. This is one of the most exciting things to do on mount Everest, especially if you have not tried this yet.

I assure you definitely going to love this and this is the best way to explore the culture of the locals. If you visit Nepal in the summer season then you can see hundreds of yaks grazing on the grass.

7. Experiencing the Culture

The most underrated thing in this region is the culture, the most unique culture in the world has its own beliefs, norms, and history. the best thing you can do while camping in the valley of Everest is to explore the culture of sherpas and experience how they live. When you are so close to people, so this is the best thing you can do.

8. Water Rafting

Water rafting is not for you if you have not got enough nerves to handle that particular situation. Especially when you are at the Dudh Koshi river where you will experience water flowing at different levels and degrees of the roughness of water flow. But this is full of adventure and a famous activity performed by many tourists.

9. Mountain Biking

In recent years mountain biking is getting popular on mount Everest and creating a lot of hype. There are a lot of chances of injury and accidents as you will find many obstacles and hurdles in the path. Although it is a little dangerous this will make your journey unforgettable for years, and you will definitely want to visit mount Everest again.

How much it can cost?

It differs from the destination and days. For example a 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek will cost you almost 1300$ which is 93$/ day. But if you want to return by helicopter it will be nearly 2300$ which is ~190$/day. So it’s your choice according to your budget.

While visiting Everest just make sure you are prepared for it and physical health is a must. Mount Everest is waiting for you to conquer its peak.
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