Best places for white water rafting in the world

Want to have a full adventurous trip outside with views and thrills, then instead of seeing the beauty from outside just jump into the boat for white water rafting and have some crazy moments.
These places are going to be the best ones around the globe and for sure if you have visited any of the below-given rivers for rafting then you have a good memorable time spent. Depends on the route you are following, some of the best rivers in the world for water rafting in Europe, Asia, and Africa are given below.

Best places for white water rafting

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe ( 2574 km )

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The world’s largest waterfall by volume, the Zambezi river is at Victoria falls. While on the boat you will see the dramatic surroundings of a 24 km-long river between the narrow walls of Batoka Gorge. You might find the crocodiles and hippos close enough to scare you.
There are some tough places to pass but this will add more excitement to the trip. The rapids are from class IV to V.

Rogue River, US ( 346 km )

This river is 215 miles (346 km) long from the Cascade range to the Pacific ocean. Apart from water rafting, it is also known for its salmon runs and attractive scenery. At Rainie Falls you can experience the rapids of class V. The surrounding of this river has a great history, in past people lived for over 8500 years along the river Rogue.

North Johnstone River, Australia ( 200 km )

It can be your priority if you are an adventure seeker and love seeing beautiful surroundings. This river is situated in Queensland with attractive tropical forests and large volcanic mountains.
Depending upon the flow of water at different spots you can experience the rapids of class IV to V. The journey is also very safe because the rescuers inspect your boat from the helicopter. During your journey, you can do camping in the forest and enjoy a bonfire with a cinematic view.

Karnali River, Nepal ( 1080 km )

If you visit Nepal in mid or end of October, it is the best time when the river Karnali flows with full spirit. Ice melts and the water flows from the peak to the bottom, it leads towards India.
With the rapids of class V, you can enjoy the significant waves along with the lush green surrounding. The natural beauty which is surrounding the river makes the journey more pleasant. And this region is also famous as the Holy house.

Prospect Canyon, Arizona

One of the most difficult and terrifying in white water rafting, Lava falls has X-rated rapids and contains falls around 37 feet deep( considered very deep in white water rafting). The massive black rocks and lava holes on the route make this scary for many tourists.
If you can overcome your fear then must go, you will enjoy it as the facilities are good enough for safety. You can also perform other activities like horse riding, hiking, and beautiful landscapes at the endpoint.

Futaleufu River, Chile ( 105 km )

In the clear glacier water, there are sections for beginners and for pros of class V rapids(one of the extreme rapids in the world) for brave people as the water is quite big there.
Those adventure seekers who have visited this place labeled it as dangerous for white water rafting because you will notice that your boat is nearly touching the sky. But it is worth a try as you can experience thrilling big waves, stunning cliffs, and exciting thunders.

Zambezi River, Zambia ( 2574 km )

The best adventurous thing to do in Zambia is white water rafting in the Zambezi river. To make your trip more interesting this place has many other things to offer like Gnashing Jaws of Death and the Stairway to Heaven. But the most thrilling part of the trip is the Ghostrider, where you can see the rapids of class V, and the gigantic waves which make it a tough place to pass.

Kali Gandaki, Nepal ( 814 km )

The name of this river is linked to the Hindu goddess of destruction for a good reason. From a pretty high peak in the Himalayas down to one of the deepest ravines in the world. With grade IV rapids of water with an excellent alpine view of the snow­-capped Annapurnas.
On this trip, you will be going to do camping under the beautiful star-filled sky. Don’t visit between mid-December and to end of February.

Magpie River, Canada ( 1.6 km )

Here you can experience the rapids of class V at the beginning but as you go down to the depth the speed of water increases which makes your journey more adventurous. The surrounding of the river is very peaceful and covered with gorgeous mountains of pine trees.
The most scariest or thrilling part of the journey is the Magpie falls where the flow of water becomes very powerful due to the gigantic waves. After rafting to witness the beauty you can do camping there around the river island.

Noce River, Italy ( 105 km )

Water comes by melting glaciers of Brenta Dolomites with the rapids of class III to V( beginners friendly). On this journey, you are going to have a look at a sheer cliff and distant snow-capped tops of gorgeous mountains.
This 28km long river can be covered in a single day( if you want to). Mostizzolo and the remote Val di Sole (Sun Valley) are the surroundings of the river you will cross.

What to wear for white water rafting?

Depending on the weather, if you are going in the winter season, obviously you will need some warm clothes, but if it is summer, it is better to wear lighter clothes. The best choice is wool, fleece, polyester, or any waterproof or quick-drying fabric that will make help you stay dry.

What not to wear for white water rafting?

Being wet all the time is annoying so avoid cotton clothes, heavy jeans, high heels, flip-flops, tight clothes, and jewelry. Do not bring your smartphone until it is necessary and you can hide it from water properly.

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