Are Bearded Men More Attractive

A handsome man is much more attractive than anything else in this whole world. Now, what do you need to be handsome? Do you need to be a bearded man for real? Do you need to look cute or an alpha man? Well, this depends on you and your thinking. A survey held proves that most men also feel more confident in facial hair. Also, it helps to groom your personality. In this article, we will discuss some of the aspects and benefits of a beard and some related queries, as well as tips on how you can get a more attractive and long beard.

Beard makes you more confident

A survey study proves that a man feels more confident in his facial hair. I will not be talking about this survey only, in the past, it was also a sign of strength and other positive attributes. The second thing is that to be attractive you have to build confidence in yourself as confidence is an important factor of attraction. Everyone likes a confident person around him/her, so this will help you get more attraction from your surroundings.

Are men with beards more desirable?

Having a beard on your face will make you feel much more mature and attractive than a beardless man. According to the studies bearded men with light stubble are considered most attractive for a short-term fling or one-night stands but when we talk about long-term or a guy whom babies women want are men with long facial hair. It is not all about the women wanting bearded men more also men prefer men with facial hair, which proves that bearded men are more desirable.

Do women find bearded men more attractive?

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You can not only rely based on studies held in different areas at different times. Some women feel it more attractive but yes the first and foremost factor is the location where you are living. If we talk about Asia women here find it more attractive than in Europe and different regions of the world have different desires. Women feel more comfortable with facial hair but when talking about attractiveness beardless men will win the contest.

Do you need a long beard?

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The question is can you change your look by the growing beard, yes you can change your overall appearance. Leaving behind the discussion of attractiveness we want to change our image. Now the question arises that what you need to do to grow your facial hair long. The first thing you must keep in mind is that it is all about patience, discipline, and stamina to grow a long beard, you can’t simply stop shaving anymore.


The conclusion of this discussion is that these days beards are the craze among men, thinking them more attractive and just going with the trend of thinking only a bearded man is alpha. If you are growing your beard you can’t just let it grow as it goes, you have to take care of it.

It depends on you if you feel more comfortable and find it attractive yourself you can grow a beard but if you feel uncomfortable don’t just go with the trend. So don’t follow these norms listen to your inner and just mold yourself only for women. Do whatever you want to do with your face, some people will like it and some don’t it is totally fine.

Hope you like this article, if yes share it with your friends and if you are a bearded man share your experience. Also, what do you guys think about the beard you can tell others your opinion in the comment section. I would love it and also it will help me as well.

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