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9 Interesting Things to Do in Turkey

9 Interesting Things to Do in Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful destination if you are dreaming of visiting Europe. Here you will find beautiful landscapes, rocky mountains, and blue beaches with crystal-clear water. This country has a valuable memorial that reminds Turkey’s incredible history. It is the land of different cultures like Greco-Roman, Ottoman, Ethiopian, and many more. Are you still stuck and not sure about visiting this gorgeous country, come with me and explore 9 interesting things to do in Turkey that will make you love that country.

9. Cappadocia’s Open Air Museum

Photo by Zülal on Unsplash

The museum beside the world-famous hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia is the next most popular tourist attraction. With the history revolving around this area Cappadocia isn’t just a place to hop on a hot air balloon ride and take pretty Instagram photos and that’s why I want to give you a brief history lesson. There you will see the moon-like landscapes and crazy rock formations formed 60 million years ago by volcanic eruptions the black colors you see on the rock are lava stone and the cream color is volcanic ash. Doki was controlled by the Roman empire.

On the silk road, there were often wars trying to gain power in this area and that’s why people would build underground cities, cave houses, and castles to hide away. Christians took refuge in Cappadocia to learn about their religion. Open air museum was not a village but rather a school where girls and boys could learn about Christianity in this complex of monasteries. You will see the most remarkable ancient paintings in the cave churches in the region.

8. Olympus

Photo by Marina T on Unsplash

Situated in a river valley on the Mediterranean coast Olympus is a backpacker’s paradise only an hour and a half away from the old town of Antalya. If anywhere in turkey reminds you of Thailand Olympus is the winner. You can take an affordable boat tour to sulfate and Kosh which is unforgettable because Olympus has so much natural and historical importance of this area is protected which means no big resorts or luxury hotels are making it a perfect hideaway in paradise.

If you want to visit Olympus beach a couple of times during your stay make sure to buy the 40 Lira ticket that is good for your group of travelers and it gives you 10 entries over 10 days. If you’re thinking about heading to Italia I would suggest skipping the old town touristy area and heading right to Olympus and you can save money by taking a bus instead of a car.

7. Pamukkale

Photo by Dameli Zhantas on Unsplash

In Turkish Pamukkale translates to the cotton castle and was given the name based on its famous breathtaking white terraces, there’s quite a bit of history revolving around Pamukkale shocker in the 2nd century B.C the ancient. The greek city of Hierapolis established palm kale as the thermal spa it later became under the control of the Roman empire. The main attraction here is those white terraces the color of the water unfathomably complementing them.

My favorite thing to do here just floats in the magical blue healing water the pools remain at a warm temperature starting at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This area is out of the way from where you may be visiting in Turkey so the big question is it worth it? I understand why it’s such a tourist attraction. But being one of the most visited places in Turkey with over 2 and half million visitors a year you can only imagine how crowded it is.

Some of the pools are no longer even filled or accessible due to the tourists ruining the area over time if you don’t go early. Not recommended to visit after 8:30 comes around it is jam-packed with crowds.

6. Hanging with the Locals

Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash

Hanging with locals will be one of the best things you do in this country. Turkey is beyond everyone welcomes you with open arms, open minds, and lots of tea and bread everywhere you go you will be offered tea. Everyone here knows so much about their country you can ask them anything and they will be able to clarify it for you.

Not only do you get to learn about history with locals you get to experience their way of life and mindsets people are so calm and just want to chill. They value family good food and happiness above all else and while you’re in Istanbul the cafe culture demonstrates how people like the more you speak with locals.

5. Visiting Mosques

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99% of turkey is Muslim and there are almost 83000 mosques in the whole country. A Turkish mosque Hagia Sophia is one of the most famous structures to visit it’s a perfect combination of where you can observe both Ottoman and byzantine effects under one great dome. The interior is quite beautiful and the history is super interesting however it is so crowded.

The mosque called Suleiman was built for sultan Suleiman during the ottoman empire. The structure is one of the most beautiful you would have ever seen. The surrounding of the mosque is many rooftop cafes with an epic view of Suleiman and the Bosphorus river and the Istanbul skyline. So visiting Suleiman and then grabbing a bite to eat makes will be a great day trip out in the town hopping.

4. Istiklal avenue

Photo by emrecan arık on Unsplash

This famous street in Istanbul is the tourist and local capital of the city Istiklal, the busiest street in all of Turkey with around 1 to 3 million people walking up and down it every single day. From toxin square, all the way to the famous gala to the tower and is lined with breathtaking buildings. Classic street food like simmered corn and stuffed mussels is a must-try and is traditional.

Turkish ice cream, many of you are familiar with that the workers here play tricks on you when you order your ice cream and is quite the game probably the most well-deserved ice cream of your life after struggling for five minutes is another thing that makes the street unique. European summer to end your night walk 10 minutes from gala to tower to Galata bridge for an unforgettable sunset on Galata bridge, to see boats passing by in the golden horn and watch as locals catch fish as the sun sets on Istanbul.

3. Hiking in Cappadocia

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

Hiking in Cappadocia is famous for its fairytale caves’ remarkable history and of course the hundreds of hot air balloons that take off in the sky during sunrise every morning. However, you don’t hear about hiking which we believe is super underrated in Cappadocia, the musketeer valley rose valley, and red valley trails all in one day. Cassander valley is full of plum cherry and apple trees you will enjoy eating every fruit along the way and they are so fresh.

This trail is known for its amazing large tunnels that tend to open up to incredible views of huge cave dwellings pigeon holes and historical sites you will find abandoned furniture that is thought to be used for only 50 years. It is high up and scary but so worth it seeing these caves. These rock formations are different than most in Cappadocia because the minerals in the sandstone have a pink tint.

Sulfate is also known as the Maldives of turkey this small island off the coast of Olympus blew your mind never in your life. The most valuable of this trip was traveling, although there are a ton of boats out at sea and you may be surrounded by a lot of people at a time. You will get time at each location to swim jump off the boat and take pictures of the water at sulfate during your boat visit.

2. Food tours

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

The best way to learn about a new country is through its food. Start it out if you’re heading to Istanbul you will get familiar with 50 different dishes with an explanation of the culture and history of turkey in the surrounding areas. Move forward to the Egyptian spice market to gather different dishes for Turkish breakfast.

At the restaurant must pick up a famous Turkish staple called simmering, a piece of bread that will remind you of a bagel. After gathering, a couple of other items head to a small cafe and enjoyed our delicious breakfast with some classic Turkish tea.

1. Hot Air Ballons

Photo by Mar Cerdeira on Unsplash

To ride in a hot air balloon is here in Cappadocia but does this experience live up to the hype? Let me just save you the time and say yes it lives up to the hype and it’s a must-do activity while visiting Turkey the hot air balloons soar in the sky. Since sunrise varies throughout the year the wake-up time is different for everyone, for a different experience than most people so I can’t tell you exactly what to expect. I assume once you arrive at your location it will be a quick wait for the balloon to fill up and then you will hop right in.

Cappadocia is breathtaking, it is a mix of South Dakota Badlands Utah, and mars not to mention the fact that you get to see all the other balloons in the air. The best part of the hot air balloon ride isn’t so much being high up in the air. When they would have you float right above the ground because that’s when you got up close and personal to the cave dwellings and rock structures quickly.

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