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7 Best Places to explore in Argentina

7 Best Places to explore in Argentina

Argentina with its energetic cities, passionate culture and a vast selection of natural wonders entices its tourists. The diverse geography of this country is the main tourist attraction. It includes everything from harsh deserts, to green jungles, and long ocean beaches. On a visit to Argentina, wildlife and natural attractions are never too far away from the subtropical north of this country. The impressive Iguazu falls located in the surrounding area are ideal for hiking or taking a trip to the lost glaciers national park in the Patagonia region, which means the chance to see penguins and graceful glaciers. Here is the list of the top 7 marvelous destinations in Argentina.

Mar del Plata

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Mar del Plata comparatively has some of the nicest beaches in south America beautiful beaches stretch for over eight kilometers along the coast. The chica and grande beaches are the closest to mardel platas contemporary cruise ship port in the city. Once a playground for the rich the city is a mix of fine old mansions which mingle with newer resorts along the city’s splendid waterfront with its numerous parks squares and gardens which are undoubtedly fascinating. del Plata aquarium with its many marine attractions including dolphin and seal shows penguins, tortoises, and flamingos.


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Córdoba Argentina’s second-largest city and a five-hour drive from Buenos aires are frequently used as a stopover on treks to the Andes the majority of the city’s most beautiful ancient structures date from the 16th century and early colonial period explore the city’s historical center which is now a UNESCO world heritage site centered around plaza san martin the majestic cathedral of cordoba a splendid mix of baroque and neoclassical styles.

Ibra wetlands

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Ibra wetlands these wetlands are a protected natural reserve boasting marshy swamps moss-covered bogs and shallow lagoons. It also happens to be one of the most extensive wetlands on the planet only surpassed in size by the panel in brazil they are located in the northeastern province of Korea roughly 400 miles from the capital city of Buenos aires due to its remote location the Ibra wetlands have remained virtually untouched by mass tourism giving visitors the chance to see nature at its most stunning.

However, the wetland is a place to go in Argentina to see an abundance of exotic wildlife alligators giant otters kappa bars monkeys, and anacondas can be found lurking throughout the wetlands it is also home to over 350 different species of birds it is also common to see herons eagles magpies and even giant ostrich-like great.

Buenos aires

Buenos aires pulsating with vitality and seductive charm from colorful European architecture to animated neighborhoods sensational shopping and amazing nightlife in Argentina. It is no wonder that Buenos aires gave birth to the captivating tango dance it is located off the southeastern coast of South America it is the capital city of Argentina and one of Latin America’s largest cities.

Everything that happens here from dinner to late-night clubbing is so chilling, now if you want to do it all properly don’t expect to get a lot of sleep in Buenos aires. Several districts are called barrios some of the most visited barrios include the micro central where the Obelisco is located san Telmo is popular for its flea markets. In most active cultural scenes one of the most popular things to do in the city is to attend the tango dances frequently performed in various streets and venues.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu falls the thundering Iguazu falls big meaning water is one of the largest and most powerful waterfalls in the world. Between Brazil and Argentina, these massive waterfalls are made up of hundreds of individual cascades interestingly the tallest waterfall known as devil’s throat is almost double the height of Niagara falls. Furthermore falls are breathtaking spectacles but their beauty is enhanced by the surrounding lush forest. In wildlife on a jungle safari through Iguazu national park you can see howler monkeys giant anteaters jaguars ocelots caimans and over two thousand species of plants.

Burrito Morneau Glacier

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Burrito Morneau Glacier it is here that most visitors join excursions to see the park’s popular glaciers, most notably the stunning burrito Morneau glacier a massive 30-kilometer-long ice formation and the world’s third largest freshwater reserve. It’s just a two-hour trip from Elk Caliphate to the glacier’s large visitor center and from here just a short walk to the glacier for those wanting to climb the glacier.

Ice trekking tours are available ranging from an hour’s walk over the ice formation to longer Fiverr excursions another important feature of lost glaciers national park is the 3359-meter tall Monty Fitzroy a stunningly beautiful mountain straddling the border with chile that is reputably harder to climb than Everest.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

156000 acres of Tierra del Fuego national park extends from the beagle channel to the Chilean border and northwards to lego kami however it’s a paradise for hikers here in Argentina with trails for all experience levels. Using the town of Ushuaia as a base adventure head out onto the park’s hiking trail or along the coastline to explore its dramatic scenery which includes everything from tall waterfalls dense forests and mountains to beautiful glacier-fed lakes.

Such as Roca and Fagnano Furthermore, one of the most popular routes is Sendacoster, a coastal path to lake Roca from Ensenada bay that offers a chance to see a rich diversity of wildlife including Andean condors those who prefer to see the sights in comfort can take a ride on the superb southern fusion railway an elegant antique steam train through the park to Canada.

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