10 Fascinating Ancient Places to visit in Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful destination if you are dreaming of visiting Europe. Here you will find beautiful landscapes, rocky mountains, and blue beaches with crystal-clear water. This country has a valuable memorial that reminds Turkey’s incredible history. It is the land of different cultures like Greco-Roman, Ottoman, Ethiopian, and many more. Are you still stuck and not sure about visiting this gorgeous country, come with me and explore 10 fascinating ancient places that will make you love that country.

1. Istanbul

The city with no need for any introduction is a city with an outstanding balance between East and West cultures at the same time. Start with walking down the narrow streets and find the perfect monument of their ancients in the grand Bazar. Visit the Dolambahce Palace which is famous for its luxurious interior and royal gardens, a marvelous place.

During your stay in this city stroll around Istiklal street which is full of cafes, shops, and restaurants. And enjoy the local food such as Turkish coffee. Hagia Sophia can be visited after that which is a remarkable architectural achievement. But for the panoramic view of Istanbul reach the Galata Tower which is the highest spot in this city.

2. Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a perfect tourist destination for those who are seeking a peaceful environment, especially in this part of the world. The entire place is mostly covered by the lush green forest. And on the coastline, you will find the most famous beaches in the whole of Turkey. Visit the famous deep blue lagoon which is a natural reserve and you can’t miss the seafood here.

Here you can also take to the beautiful skies giving a marvelous view while paragliding. You can also tour the mountains of Oludeniz and find the ruins of the village Kayakoy. The natural environment of the village is a favorite destination for those who love hiking and other outdoor activities.

3. Aladaglar National Park

For those who love hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities, Aladaglar National Park is the second-best place. The reason for the second number is that it might be a bit more dangerous than the Oludeniz mountains, as this is the place where you will see wildlife which includes goats, wolves, birds of prey, and many more.

But there are areas that are designated for humans, so you need not worry about that but even after this it might be scary for some people. The Turkish government declared this a national park in 1995. The park is full of enjoyment and everything to make your trip unforgettable. You can camp among the extensive pine forest and explore this park with a guide for the best experience. Those who love swimming and waterfalls can stop by the Kapuzbasi falls.

This is a favorite spot for wildlife photographers because it is a unique place to capture the best moments of nature and the natural wonders of this park are just waiting for you.

4. Pamukkale

If you are heading to the Denizli province stop by beautiful Pamukkale which is an incredible natural phenomenon declared by UNESCO as well, part of the world heritage site in 1988. This place mostly looks like an icefall but in reality, these are thermal springs that emerge to the surface by the constant technical movements of mountains. And the white color is because of the accumulation of minerals in these natural pools.

For the best view walk down to the top of these pools, sit for a while, and enjoy the healing waters. The flow of water is satisfying and gives happiness to the soul. Hierapolis is another exciting place to visit which is also declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The ruins of old theaters, temples, and graveyards will give you a different vibe. A tour guide is recommended to visit all the places easily.

According to the people and tourists, Izmir is the most beautiful city in all of Turkey, with gorgeous buildings and stunning beaches. Here you can find the famous Kemeralti market which combines the classic bustle of vendors with beautiful jewelry, clothes, handicrafts, and souvenirs that is the main attraction for tourists.

5. Izmir

Also after crossing through the market you cannot return empty-handed, because it attracts so much that you have to take remembrance of Izmir with them. Hisar mosque, one of the largest in Izmir, must visit this place. Enter inside to view the beautiful design and unique colors. This historical building is a must-see if you get a chance to visit Turkey, at least once in a lifetime to witness the great architecture and traditional art.

After that, walking through Konak Square you will see the popular Izmir clock tower which has 4 fountains and is 25 meters high and is designed for stunning Ottoman culture.

6. Ephesus

Photo by Bhumil Chheda on Unsplash

People who love to discover ancient and historical places visit Ephesus every year in large numbers because it contains ruins of various historical monuments of ancient times. Ephesus has many other things to offer as well such as Via de Curti. On the road to the main city, you will find many attractions including the temple of Hadrian, the Hillside House, Hadrian’s gate, the library of Celsus, and many other fascinating places.

The ancient theater is one that you can’t miss on this trip. It is considered the largest arena in the world. The architecture mixes the Greek and Roman nuances. This is the place where many festivals happen, a great festival that recalls the old customs of this ancient city.

7. Alanya

Image by ASphotofamily on Freepik

The city is full of adventures, history, and beaches. It has been a favorite tourist destination many times. Beaches are the main tourist attraction here, especially in summer, as they are overcrowded. My personal favorite is Cleopatra beach which is also famous because Queen Cleopatra bathed in it during her escape with Marco Antonio. The imposing castle is one of the most important archaeological sites in this rocky city, which remains the town.

This area is also open to the public. Here you will find the Seljuk Ehmedek fortress and several older houses. Must visit the archaeological museum and learn about the historical findings of this century, many of which are more than 500 years B.C. Damlatas caves more than 30 meters long are a great source of adventure. Here you will absorb the specular formations of Stalagmites.

8. Antalya

Antalya has been a very important port in turkey for a long time. Its narrow streets are labyrinth-like and very clean. But this place is the best option for the foodies. First, stop at the Hasim a cultural center, and enjoy the culture. Antalya state theater is the prime place to enjoy the best theatrical and musical performances in the town.

In general, this city is a mixture of different cultures and every one of them left their marks there that’s why you can explore the different cultures and traditions at the same time. Throughout the city, you can find the remains of ancient structures. Now if you are bored after visiting the city you can visit the beach club located at the port to enjoy swimming and the sunlight. This is a beach with no sand, you can be amused by sitting under an umbrella with awesome weather.

9. Cappadocia

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash

Located in central Turkey, this is a unique place with stunning features and charm. There are many caves and subway buildings that cover the place. It is a fascinating site to enjoy and explore different things. Here you will get a chance to explore the beauty of this city sitting on a hot air balloon, from there you will recognize the famous fairy chimneys.

These rocks are formed like mushrooms, standing down on the surface of this Turkish area. If you are more curious about history I will recommend the open-air museum of Goreme. For hikers, it feels like home walking through the enormous valley full of rocks such as Ihlara valley. Next visit the caves that are part of these pretty subway cities.

10. Mount Nemru

Image by wirestock on Freepik

     This tourist attraction is spiritually significant and special thanks to its UNESCO world heritage site destination. The main cause of attraction of this place is because of its giant statue representing ancient Armenian, Greek, and Persian gods. Also the animal figures like lions and eagles. This place is designated as its burial mound and a place of eternal rest by King Antiochus. Over time it has remarkably remained preserved and a tourist attraction as well. This mountain will give you the best view if you want to enjoy the sunset in Turkey.

During your visit, a part of visiting these historical places must try the local food. The citizens are pretty welcoming people. The conclusion is that Turkey is a tourist spot with different challenges as well. Whether it is a short trip or a long stay must explore the potential of tourists in Turkey.

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