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10 Best Countries to Travel in Europe – travelgeek

10 Best Countries to Travel in Europe – travelgeek

For a very long time, Europe is the most visited continent for different purposes. Visitors can either focus on visiting a single country or also a bunch of them. There are 44 countries in Europe right now. You must want to find what are the best places to visit in Europe. You must want to choose the best one according to your choices and priorities.

Here is the list of the most beautiful and most visited European countries.


France is the most visited place in Europe and even in the world. France is not all about the Eifel tower, museums, and vines but is also well known for its numerous places, castles, and cathedrals all over the country. You can find almost everything. It is a culturally rich country and you are not able to see and experience everything even in a year because of the tourists crowd every single year.


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Germany can be the destination for any type of traveler. The largest and most populous place in Central Europe is a home of old towns, large castles, and beautiful landscapes. It is also best for foodies, as this is the second European country with the most starred restaurants. Neuschwanstein is one of the best castles and is a popular attraction for visitors. Rolling hills, stunning lakes, waterfall-filled forests, and valleys can be seen in the Black forest. Heidleberg, Leipzig, Hamberg and Berlin are the main cities.


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From visiting old castles to surfing at the Sea there are a lot of things to see in Portugal. Don’t only stick to coastal regions it has gorgeous mountain interiors and hilltop towns as well. On river Tagus, Lisbon is the largest country in this country. Open plazas, stunning cathedrals, and small cafes in Lisbon are worth seeing. Your next destination should be Nazare, a small town where you can see huge tides, which can get over 100 feet.


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Greece is the perfect place to relax where you can find the sun all year. It is also well known as the best honeymoon destination. Most of the civilizations in the west were born in Greece. Its sea, scenery, sun views, history, and culture have made it the most visited place. Santorini is famous for its beaches and the white house. these look so beautiful and also its nightlife is enjoyable. The architectural feet of Meteora are worth seeing and also for hikers it can be a difficult journey.


Italy is a home of art, architecture, and culture. A trip to Italy will remain incomplete without tasting its food. A lot of historic places can be visited there. Rome, the capital of Italy was considered the capital of the world for many centuries in the past. Italy has a great impact on travelers to travel to Europe earlier. After Rome, Venice is the second best place where you can see the canal running through the city. Tuscany is a famous countryside to visit if you want to spend time far from the crowd.


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Spain is mainly located on the Iberian Peninsula with numerous beaches on the Atlantic. Throughout the year there are many festivals are held in Spain which bring people closer to each other. Its traditional food is also delicious and liked by tourists. From its mountains to hilltop villages and seaside cliffs many locations are worth-seeing. Its cultural capital Barcelona is full of architecture. Mallorca and Ibiza are great islands with beautiful beaches. Ronda is a unique town with beautiful architecture.


Austria is one of the best places you should visit to relax your mind and spirit. It will take you far away from your busy schedule to the other world with its musical wave. You can listen to songs while wandering through the streets. The most beautiful scenery with many mountains, valleys, and lakes are will give you the best experience. In winter you can also see skiing and snowboarding. Vienna is a beautiful city in Austria and the Spain Riding School which was made by Emperor Maximilian II is an example in itself, also the Schonbrunn palace.


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Turkish food is world-famous and tasty! (of course). It has lounge beachsides which are quite soft sandy. The luxuries of beaches and resorts add more meaning to the trip. Istanbul is the dream city for every traveler, which no one skips while his/her visit to Turkey. You will sink in Istanbul’s bazar. From Topeka palace, you can see the Maiden’s tower, the Blue mosque, and the blue waters of the Bosphorus. The rock’s valley Cappadocia is worth seeing. The pure white cotton castle, which is in Pamukkale, is a natural wonder.


Netherlands offers its visitors a vacation filled with art, beauty, and a lot of cycling with the long and perfect landscape. Traveling around the big cities is not only an option but also you can visit the adorable fishing hamlets along with lake Ijsselmeer. Amsterdam with amazing nightlife, an art-filled museum, and wide streets has its charm. Rotterdam is a place loved by everyone especially photographers because of its beautiful architecture.


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From the Baltic sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, this largest city in the world has many places and activities to offer its visitors. Moscow the city of great history, art, and culture has the world’s largest billionaire community which is a creative and intellectual hub. Kizhi Island is popular for the church of Resurrection of Lazarus and its ruins. It is a great place to see the history of Russia.

You can disagree with me but the list I have mentioned above is preferable. Most people think that the best time that the famous tourist places in Europe are only able to visit is in winter, yes but also places have the best summers as well and also autumns.

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